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    • Don't just mask water pollution, treat it at its source with Blixitt™. Blixitt is a revolutionary non-toxic bioremediation product that solves the issue of water pollution in our oceans, lakes, and rivers by treating the problem before it even reaches them. By focusing remediation efforts toward grease traps, portable toilets, car washes and wastewater facilities, for instance, we can treat the water pollution where it starts instead of where it ends up. Blixitt is a cost effective organic based product that eliminates problems associated with wastewater applications. Applications such as golf course ponds, waste water treatment facilities and lift stations, restaurant grease traps, septic systems and more all benefit from Blixitt's oxygen releasing organic materials which serve to break down the offending material before it can pollute.

  • Solutions
    • Easy to use, fast-acting surface water clarifier for ponds and lakes. Eliminates odors, significantly reduces algae and scum, leaves water crystal clear. Eco and wildlife friendly.


      "Try it in one pond and mark my words, you will soon be using Blixitt in all of them."


      Martin Kopp
      Golf Course Superintendent,
      Brampton Golf Club

      Eliminates odor, prevents drain backups, virtually eliminate pumping and avoid service disruptions.


      "Blixitt... has helped us stay in compliance with our sewer authority and cut our tank pumping to once every sixteen months."


      Nicholas Kloss,
      General Manager, Ocean State CPL
      (Central bakery for 153 Dunkin Donuts)
      East Providence, Rhode Island

      Prevents clogging, breaks down solids and sludge. Increases efficiency and volume, lowers Hydrogen Sulfide levels and increases plant lifespan.


      "Blixitt is all that they are said to be."


      Tony Silva
      Barrington Rhode Island
      Department of Public Works

      Breaks down toilet paper by 15%, supports leachfield, prevents back-ups and noxious odors. Great for jurisdictions where pesticide use is banned - environmentally and wildlife friendly; contains no harmful chemicals.


      "Blixitt tablets have been most effective in eliminating the build-up of grease and the control of odors, such as hydrogen sulfide, in an environmental, safe, friendly and easy manner."


      Tony O'Donohue P. Eng., President
      Environmental Probe Ltd.

      Effectively eliminates odors and break down solids in standard 25 to 100 gallon portable toilet collection tanks commonly found in boats, RV's, buses, trains, toilet stalls and other portable applications.


  • Technology
    • Blixitt treats water pollution where it starts: wastewater facilities, grease traps and pond water. Traditionally, municipal wastewater facilities and restaurants had to rely on trucks to empty and carry away their grease and debris and dispose of it in landfill sites. And golf course operators, municipal parks departments and private pond owners could do very little to remove algae, pond scum and offensive odors from ponds and irrigation holding areas. Blixitt provides a cost effective, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly solution to these problems. Through the combined use of oxygen and microorganisms, Blixitt's patented bioremediation technology treats wastewater pollutants by safely breaking down the undesirable substances, safely and easily.

  • FAQ
    • Q) What happens to pond water after it has been treated with Blixitt?
      A) Our pond product is designed to help the pond to rejuvenate itself and to stay healthy. When applied, our pond product oxygenates the water, neutralizes pH levels, and applies aerobic bacteria with nutrients to enable the aerobic breakdown of pond waste (dead plants, decaying matter, etc.). We also apply ground-up barley straw to inhibit the reproduction of algae. So, after treatment, the pond water should be clearer and odor free. In regards to drinkability, we do not recommend drinking any water from a natural source since it most likely contains parasites.

      Q) What is the difference between aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria?
      A) Aerobic bacteria uses oxygen to thrive while anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in an environment saturated with oxygen.

      Q) What role do the bacteria have in eliminating odors?

      A) Anaerobic decomposition (without oxygen) is a main cause of noxious odors. Anaerobes cause odors by producing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), a colorless gas that smells like rotten eggs. Aerobic bacteria do not cause these odors since they produce Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ), a colorless and odorless gas.

      Q) What are the by-products of aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation?
      A) Aerobic bacteria produce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as a by-product while anaerobic bacteria produce Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), which can produce toxic and corrosive gases and liquids like Sulfuric acid.

      Q) There are so many bioremediation products out there, what makes Blixitt so unique?
      A) Some products feature only anaerobic bacteria and enzymes that can cause problems down the line. Some of our competitors use powders or liquids that need to be measured out or constantly added through additional equipment. Other companies use aerobic bacteria to inoculate wastewater, however, need to separately add oxygen to support the bacteria. Blixitt are a non-toxic timed-release tablet that features aerobic bacteria, oxygen, nutrients, and buffers. When applied, our tablets change the surrounding environment for proper bacteria germination by supersaturating the area with oxygen, neutralizing the pH levels, and adding nutrients; all in one application. This patented technology has an oxygen delivery system that creates oxygen bubbles 10 times smaller than a machine aerator. These microscopic bubbles make it easier to penetrate grease layers and solids; as well as increases total oxygen surface area. Our product accomplishes all of this in one application and no additional materials or equipment is necessary.

      Q) Where should I apply the Blixitt?

      A) There is a specific location for each application in which you would want to apply our tablets for optimal inoculation. In general, for a system that utilizes flow to move the waste (grease traps, wastewater facilities) you want to position the tablets so the current passes through a plume of oxygen that our tablets create. For an application that retains the waste for future pumping or treatment (portable toilet, manure retention tank) evenly distribute the Blixitt to insure treatment of the entire tank. Start in the middle of the tank and then distribute the necessary dosage to areas without treatment.

      Q) How often do I need to use your product and what is the proper dosage for my application?

      A) Blixitt creates an environment saturated with oxygen so aerobic bacteria can thrive and begin breaking down waste. The surroundings need to have an adequate supply of oxygen for efficient bioremediation. To do so, scheduled application of our Blixitt is required to keep your system, pond, or tank inoculated. Since Blixitt is effective in treating a variety of applications and each application has a range in sizes and activity (flow, retention, etc.), there is an established dosage for each respective application; however, specific dosages may need to be determined due to unique cases. Please read dosage directions before applying Blixitt or contact one of our sales representatives.

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